Video: Corey Taylor Ejects Another Fan From A Slipknot Concert In Concord, CA


Last month, Corey Taylor had a fan ejected from a Slipknot show for apparently being a pushy dick, and went so far as to urge the dude’s girlfriend to ditch him. It seemed like a stern but fair move on his part.

But a new video has come out of Taylor ejecting another fan, this time from Slipknot’s show in Concord, CA. As you can see below, midway through “Psychosocial” Taylor yells for security to eject “that fucker with the glasses.”

Iiiiiiinteresting. Between this, the last ejection, and slapping the phone out of someone’s hand, we’ve got three instances of Taylor losing it at concertgoers during a live show. Usually I’d blow it off as general rock star antics, but three times in a couple of months? And Taylor doesn’t have a long history of these kinds of things? Huh.

It makes you wonder what’s up — if Taylor has become fed up with fans, if he’s just paying more and more attention to what’s going on in the crowd, or if maybe he’s just pissed and doesn’t feel like holding back anymore. All I’m noticing is three things instead of one.


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