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Tool Rumor Alert: New Album Announcement on Adult Swim’s “World Peace” is Probably Bogus


On July 16th rumors started circulating that Tool would be releasing a 2.5 hour, double album called Decem this fall. Three days later, Maynard James Keenan seemingly dispelled those rumors with a simple Tweet: #dumb.

In other words, Keenan is probably correct that all of us Tool fans are “insufferable” and “retarded.” What the fuck is wrong with us?

So: MetalSucks reader Vance sent in the following image last night, which he found floating around Reddit and Twitter:

Tool Adult Swim

First of all, all sorts of alarm bells should be going off immediately upon seeing such an image: literally anyone could have made it. While the idea of some kind of Tool announcement being made within an Adult Swim show isn’t that far-fetched — both brands are “quirky” and “weird” — well, yeah, it’s kinda far-fetched. After ten years I’m pretty sure that whenever Tool do make an announcement concerning new music it’ll be BIG and very, very visible. But utilizing the band’s mystique and fervent fanbase to publicize something else entirely, well, that’s a pretty damned good marketing strategy.

Which is exactly what it seems like is happening here. The same Twitter user that posted the above image also posted these, both of which plug the newest episode of the Adult Swim show World Peace, airing Friday, August 20th at 12:15am EDT:

So yeah, the Tool thing is almost certainly bullshit. Serves us right for even indulging. I just want to believe, so badly!

Meanwhile, in actual Tool news, footage of the band performing at a small club in 1991 recently surfaced online. Check it out.

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