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Synthwave Sunday: GosT, “Maleficarum”



Vince is a massive fan of GosT’s last album, Behemoth, but whether I had something else going on in my life at the time or had yet to re-embrace my love of electronic music, I never really got into that record.

But man, this new GosT joint, “Maleficarum”, is right up my alley. It’s basically the soundtrack to that scene in a horror movie where the protagonists think they’ve killed the monster but kind of know they haven’t, and we now follow them in a head-on shot as they charge down a hallway/sewer pipe/barbed wire maze trying to put as much distance between themselves and their assailant as possible. I can’t wait to blast this stuff on Halloween.

If that weren’t cool enough, the song comes with a video that’s absolutely awesome, focusing on sorcery and satanism in the American woods with a healthy dose of Robert Eggers’ stunning The Witch thrown in. Director Daniel Schwartz somehow manages to make these images of rural black magic and nature-worship work perfectly with the very modern electronic sounds of the band. It’s fucking cool.

Watch “Maleficarum” below and know Satan in your heart. GosT’s latest, Non Paradisi, comes out September 30th on Blood Music. You can pre-order it here.

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