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Opeth Have Announced Three Truly Epic Live Shows


I remember seeing Opeth at L’Amours in Brooklyn when I was, what, fifteen, sixteen? They were playing with Angel Dust and God Forbid because no one knew what to do with a real metal tour at the time and they just threw everyone who wasn’t a nu-metal band in together. Opeth’s set was amazing, a spinning whirlwind of low-key moshing and hands-raised worship. Easily one of the best nights of my life.

I mention this to show how far Opeth has come as a band, because they’ve just released the dates and locations for three upcoming live shows, and hooooly shit:

10/01 New York City, NY – Radio City Music Hall
11/19 London, UK – Wembley Arena
02/06 Sydney, AUS – Opera House

WHAT? How is it that a progressive death metal band is playing such incredible venues? How did they get so far as to be able to book said venues, knowing they’d fill them?

This truly marks Opeth as one of the great heavy metal success stories of our time. Sure, I now expect a million fans to write to me being like, Dude, bands play the Sydney Opera House all the time, it’s not a big deal, but come on, that’s some horseshit. These are huge stages played by massive acts we’re talking about. That the band who made Blackwater Park and My Arms, Your Hearse is now playing them says something.

Anyway, if none of these dates appeal to you (or if you live in Missouri or what have you), then catch Opeth at one of their upcoming shows with The Sword, listed here. A lot of fucking props to those guys, though.

[via The PRP]

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