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Watch a Nine Minute Video About the Making of Metallica’s “Hardwired”


Did you guys know that Metallica released a new song??? You could be forgiven for having missed the much under-publicized unveiling, which are definitely not now writing about for the fourth time in as many days.

AN-EE-WAY, the song is called “Hardwired,” and the band has released a video about its writing and recording. It’s kinda like Some Kind of Monster, only everyone appears to be having fun, and Hetfield and Ulrich were wise enough to keep faux-shrinks out of the process and not let a certain wah-obsessed guitarist write lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics: the clip also provides some insight into those of “Hardwired.” I know some people have dismissed Hetfield’s latest poem as being fairly silly… which it is… but the guitarist/vocalist’s comments about the lyrics actually make me appreciate ’em a whole lot more. Sorry to sound like a wet Towle, but we ARE all hardwired to self-destruct: one of the fundamental flaws of the human brain is that we tend to latch onto traumas more strongly than victories, and then, consequently, tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s why First World white people with no real problems still struggle with depression, why your friend keeps dating doucheturds even though it leads to heartbreak every time, and why we keep holding out hope that Metallica will actually make a good record again.

Check out the clip below. It would be neat if this turned out to be just a small part of a much longer documentary, wouldn’t it?

Metallica’s new album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, is out on November 18.

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