Enlarge Bomb squad photo from TMZ.

A Bomb Squad Was Called to Wes Scantlin’s House


Ho boy, a Wes Scantlin story. What is it this time, a warrant? An arrest? Onstage abandonment by his band? A visit from armed cops?

Well, this time, the bomb squad had to be called to Wes’ house. But get this — it wasn’t really Wes’ fault. He didn’t do anything outlandish in an inebriated haze. I know!

So it appears that Wes, fearful that his car would be broken into and vandalized again, created personal security measures by wiring a radio under his car door to the motor on one car, and attaching wires from his door to the gas tank of the other. So that… when someone breaks in the radio goes off? I don’t know.

Anyway, his neighbors thought the situation looked suspicious, and so called the police, who then evacuated four surrounding buildings and brought out the robot and everything. When it was discovered that this was all a harmless security measure, the cops gave Wes shit, but they let him off the hook.

Anyway, congrats to Scantlin for only accidentally causing a confrontation with police. Hopefully, he’s getting help.

[via Rock Feed]

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