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Cemetery Piss: Not Just a Clever Name



Confession: I have actually taken a cemetery piss. I was tripping mushrooms, and it was entirely necessary. I didn’t desecrate a grave or anything — I peed on a fence at the edge of the property, not directly onto someone’s date of death while laughing at their tombstone — but I cannot say that the idea is foreign to me.

But it appears I’m not alone, as Decibel has streamed a new song by a band named Cemetery Piss, and it’s as grimy and nasty as the band name suggests. The track is called “Astral Souls,” and has the kind of chugging, sneering sound that fans of Sarke and Gehenna will find especially pleasing. Don’t get me wrong, I first listened to the song because the band is named Cemetery Piss, but hey, if the music’s good that makes it all worthwhile.

Listen to “Astral Souls” below. Cemetery Piss’ new full-length, Order of the Vulture, drops September 2nd via Cricket Cemetery. Pre-order it here.

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