“Monster at the End” is Anthrax’s “Thriller”


Something I love about Anthrax is that even though they’re famous enough to hang around with Bobby D, they’re still a bunch of thrasher dudes still love comic books and horror and all that great alone-in-your-bedroom kind of stuff. Keeps ’em honest.

For example, the band’s new video for “Monster at the End,” which is basically a traditional metal video mixed with a horror comic. The “story” is pretty glued-together — there’s a guy, and a Pumpkinhead-like monster pursuing him… somewhere? — but the simplistic visual effects and quick cut-away style make it an entertaining watch the be sure.

But don’t be fooled — whether they’re true to their roots or not, Anthrax always have time for a quick bit of product placement!


Sorry, Frank, but did you think we wouldn’t notice? There’s no way you’re playing a song with the word ‘monster’ in the title and just happened to wear your Monster Energy Drink wristbands that day! Hope they pay well.

Check out the “Monster At The End” video below, and when you’re done, enjoy an ice cold Monster Energy Drink! Meanwhile, if you’re in New York, make sure you check out Anthrax’s killer charity show at Saint Vitus.

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