Ever Wanted to Know What Sumac Use to Get that Heavy Tone? Look No Further.


Most people that have listened to Sumac can agree on one thing: they’re undeniably heavy. Regardless of whether or not you appreciate their music, you’ve got to concede the fact that they are balls-out when it comes to tone. A lot of people probably find themselves wondering how the hell they manage to get so much crunch in a band with only three members. I know I have at least.

Well, wonder no longer, folks! Gear Gods came to the rescue and made a little video featuring the trio that outlines the entirety of their setup.

It seems like Aaron Turner (guitars) might be the most particular about his rig, considering his gear-talk takes up more than half of the video, but that’s pretty much what I’d expect considering his band history (Isis, Old Man Gloom). Bassist Brian Cook seems to focus on consistency over anything else, and drummer Nick Yacyshyn is just trying to keep his Ludwig drum kit from collapsing.

Watch the video for more details. It’s very insightful if you’re a gear nerd!

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