Want to Hear the New Country Song by Dave Mustaine’s Daughter? Too Bad, Here it Is!


Imagine that tomorrow, you wake up tied to a table, and you see your high school math teacher leaning over you (hi, Dr. Jenkins!). You’re about to ask what’s going on when they jab an ice-cold metal spike up your urethra and twist it. As you writhe in agony, they lean down and whisper to you that after this, they’re going to murder Bruce Dickinson. They they spit in your mouth.

After today, your first thought will be, Well, this is awful, but at least I’m not listening to Electra Mustaine’s “Life Is Good.”

You’ll remember Electra Mustaine from such musical endeavors as reminding soldiers they gon’ die, covering Neil Young with the dude from Stryper, and the possible family reality show about her dad moving to Nashville to help her country career (right, she’s also the daughter of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine). Now, we can see further fruits of her musical labor with the lyric video for her original track “Life Is Good.”

And I’m so glad it’s a lyric video, too, because that way we can read the brilliant lyrics about sunshine, wearing Ray Bans, and listening to Sugar Ray. I was especially touched by the line about “hangin’ out on the highway,” because it made me hope that maybe, just maybe, some of the people who listen to this song and like it will go hang out on a highway, and will explode in a flurry of bone chunks and viscera when they’re hit by Electra Mustaine’s Hummer racing by at 80mph.

When asked about what her father thought of the song, Mustaine (Electra, that is) said the following:

“If I didn’t put this song out, I’d probably be kicked out of my house. It was his favorite and he was singing it all the time.”

Aw man, bad parenting AND bad taste! I can’t wait for this reality show.

Anyway, enough talk. Take the “Life Is Good” challenge and see how long you can listen to this song before eating a live round.

[via Metal Insider]

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