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  • Axl Rosenberg

Does the idea of an Asking Alexandria/Code Orange co-headlining tour appeal to you? If so… well, first of all, who the fuck are you???, and second of all, maybe let that dream go the way of The Dillinger Escape Plan:

Code Orange vs Asking Alexandria

In case you’re wondering what comments so offended Code Orange, you can watch the interview in question below. It’s basically Asking Alexandria members Ben Bruce (guitars) and James Cassells (drums) gloating about destroying hotel rooms and doing the kind of destructive primadonna shit bands have been doing for decades. It’s kind of a wonder they didn’t also boast about having shoved a shark up a groupie’s vagina.

Bruce has since defended the interview, sort of:

So, there ya have, straight from the mouths of babes: the members of Asking Alexandria are all young and dumb. Good on Bruce for admitting that he and his bandmates are idiots. Maybe age and wisdom will bring not only respect for the property of others, but the realization that their music is fucking horrible. The, in ten years, we can all have a good laugh about this as we patiently wait in line for Bruce to check us out at K-Mart.

I’m kidding. Ben Bruce could never work for K-Mart. Their standards are too high.

[via The PRP]

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