The Peanut Gallery: Nazi Sympathizers Don’t Like Slayer’s New Video


Yesterday, we posted about Slayer’s new music video, in which a number of neo-Nazis are brutally murdered. In our naïveté, we hoped Slayer fans would unanimously point to the video and say, “See? Slayer aren’t Nazis, they just sing about Nazi war crimes sometimes. In fact, they hate those assholes.”

And while some of you did just that, plenty of people came crawling out of the woodwork to condemn Slayer for harming Nazis. These folks couched their arguments in various silly and seemingly political ways, but the fact is it all boils down to sympathizing with a group of characters who are in fact neo-Nazi terrorists and murderers.

Let’s take a look at some of the ire:


Pretty sure it’s just white people who, you know, fly a neo-Nazi flag and kill people. But hey, I see what you did with your screen name!


The white race? These guys kill a girl on screen. They’re not just white people, they’re evil white people.

By the way, guys, you can be white and still hate Nazis. If you see neo-Nazis getting killed and you’re upset at “anti-white” sentiments, it means you’re a Nazi sympathizer. Just FYI.


Pretty sure Slayer made this one about race.



A recurring theme seemed to be, “Muuuuh, what about Muslims?

nazisymp3 nazisymp4nazisymp5

Muslim terrorists are killed all the time in movies and TV shows. And when it’s terrorists, that’s fine, because they’re terrorists. Like how neo-Nazis are terroristsAlso, it’s “beating a dead horse.”

And, oh, hey, Slayer made that video already:


Dude gets his intestines torn out in this video. Not quite the “weak liberal” agenda.


This post end me up laughing you at.


If it’s so unoffensive to you, why you commenting, chief?


Well, at least one guy didn’t try to talk around it.

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