Former In Flames Guitarist Jesper Strömblad Calls the Band “a Sinking Ship”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jesper Strömblad Cort Guitars 2013 Promo Shot

It’s not much of a secret that Jesper Strömblad isn’t too fond of the creative direction in which In Flames has moved. Although at the time of his departure the band said that he was struggling with alcoholism, last year Strömblad claimed that it had more do with the fact that In Flames were no longer “a guitar/riff based melodeath band.”

The PRP reports that Strömblad has now basically repeated this sentiment, albeit in a far less friendly way. Linking to this interview from 2014 on his personal Facebook page, Strömblad declared:

“Anders says as it is : D beaking news. He have never been a songwriter. Trying to “sing” with a vocalproducer” doing his best to polish the turd.And most imporatntly. I had no impact on the songwriting what so ever *crying*… Sorry guys, I jst could be quiet for once;) Just happy I left the sinking ship. Welcome trolls to piss on this post btw : )”

Strömblad has since deleted the post, so I’m not clear if it was written in broken English or that’s just a poor translation from Swedish. Regardless, everyone gets the point: the guitarist is not a fan of post-Strömblad In Flames.

Funny enough, just last month, it seemed like Strömblad was singing a different tune:

Maybe the above post was meant to be facetious, or maybe Strömblad was drunk when he wrote the new post, or maybe something else that hasn’t occurred to me. You can feel free to speculate yourself in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, In Flames’ new album, Battles, comes out out November 11.

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