Official: Bolt Thrower Have Broken Up


Earlier this week, Bolt Thrower released a tribute to drummer Martin “Kiddie” Kearns, who passed away last year at the age of thirty-eight. The tribute was touching, but it was also confusing, because it kinda suggested that Bolt Thrower might be breaking up, but also kinda suggested they might not be.

Now vocalist Karl Willetts has cleared up the confusion, and, unfortunately… yeah they’re done.

Willetts tells Metal Hammer:

“Yes, I can confirm that Bolt Thrower are definitely over for good. There will be no reunion tours etc…no compromise.”

With all due respect to Willetts, if I were him, I wouldn’t make a definitive statement about there being never being a reunion tour. Not that leaving the door open would make this situation any less painful. Just… never say never, y’know?

Anyway yeah this sucks. I’m gonna go listen to Those Once Loyal and cry myself to sleep.

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