Dave Mustaine Has Nothing to Say About “Hardwired”


Earlier this year, Metallica released a new track titled “Hardwired,” an aggressive thrash track which made many fans (myself included) raise their eyebrows and say, “Oh, cool!” because it was actually pretty metal. It also made a lot of old-school holdouts say, “Blecch,” but hey, can’t please them all.

But there’s one person who has refused to give his opinion: Megadeth frontman/former Metallica guitarist/King Diamond hater Dave Mustaine.

While talking with Meltdown on WRIF in Detroit, Dave was asked about the new track. The interaction, which can be found around the 8:42 mark, went a like this:

Meltdown: Have you heard their new track?

Mustaine: I did.

Meltdown: What’d you think about that?

Mustaine: I’m not going to say anything.

Now, to be fair, Mustaine did the right thing here: he kept quiet. Among Mustaine’s many problems is that he runs his mouth without thinking about what he’s saying, and it comes back to bite him in the tuchus, which then results in him complaining about how people misinterpret what he says. So simply saying “No comment” and giving putzes like me little to work with is probably the best thing for him to do here.

But, as Brian Storm pointed out on Rock Feed, one assumes that if Dave liked the track, he would’ve said something to that effect (see, I said he gave me little to work with, not nothing to work with). He also could’ve just said, “Eh, it’s not really my thing, but good for those dudes.” So there’s some sense here that he’s not a big fan.

We’ll see if he has any words for the new Metallica album, Hardwired…To Self Destruct! when it drops later this year. We can’t wait to hear it!

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