Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Says It’s a “Mindfuck” that the The Black Album Keeps Selling 5,000 Copies Every Week


Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is right around the corner. November 17th will be here in no time, at which point everyone can start arguing about whether or not it’s any good.

For now, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has spoken with a number of outlets about the band’s upcoming release, but one interview stood out to us above the rest. In a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Lars spoke about his relationship with some of the different albums in Metallica’s expansive backlog. In regards to …and Justice for All, it’s a bit complicated:

 Sometimes when I hear it, I sit there and roll my eyes – and other times I think Jesus, this was the blueprint for a whole new generation of music.

A lot of people have that relationship with that particular album. Sometimes I’ll turn it on and find myself enjoying every second of it, then again there are times where I think a portion of it is subpar (if only you could hear the bass, parts would be so much heavier!).

But then there’s The Black Album, which continues to sell approximately 5,000 copies a week. That’s a very impressive number for a metal album that came out in 1991.

It’s pretty amazing that 5,000 people still buy The Black Album every week in the US. I think you file that one under ‘mindfuck.’ I’d like to meet, No. 3267 last week. Who is that person? Did you not own it? Are you just replacing your old copy? Did it just show up on your radar?’

Seriously, who is still buying this record? You can pretty much hear it for free anytime you turn on a rock radio station thanks to iHeartRadio’s refusal to play anything but the same 15 fucking songs over and over again. But I digress. Chime in, have you bought a copy of The Black Album recently? If so, why? If you haven’t, then why not? 5,000 other people are doing it every week. Don’t you want to be one of the cool kids?

[via Metal Insider]

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