Video: Opeth’s “Harvest” Played on Nine Cellos is Absolutely Gorgeous


Sprinkled in amidst Opeth’s current slate of tour dates are three very special shows, in which the now-legendary prog metallers will play select tracks from their 2002 and 2003 albums, Deliverance and Damnation, followed by a regular set. The pairing of those two albums makes a whole lot of sense since they were originally written and conceived as a double album.

While that’s all well and good, and I’m very sorry I missed the NYC date this past weekend (it was a blast, if my Instagram feed is any indication), Blackwater Park will always be THE Opeth album for me. So when this cover of the album’s signature track “Harvest,” arranged for NINE cellos, landed in my inbox this morning… well, I just about plotzed. It’s beautifully arranged, and the setting for the video is just perfect (woods, duh!). The video would’ve been even more badass if the track’s arranger, Raphael Weinroth-Browne, had been able to find eight other cellists to participate in it but I totally recognize how extravagant and difficult to organize that would’ve been!

Watch and enjoy below.

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