You Can Be in Metallica’s Next Video!


Are you a “rabid” Metallica fan? Do the phrases “all ethnicities” and “must be able to engage in lightly choreographed fighting” apply to you?

Then boy have we got a job for you! Metallica just issued three open casting calls for the filming of their next music video, which will take place in the Bay Area this coming weekend, October 11th and 12th. Casting call #1 seeks one male and one female “street fighter types” to engage in (we’re guessing!) a street fight in the video’s downtown San Francisco location. Casting call #2 seeks general Metallica fans to go crazy while the band performs live, while casting call #3 is the same thing but at night.

Sounds fun! We’re sure the inbox of poor Sammy, the man charge with fielding applications, will get beyond slammed, so you better read the details here and apply now to try and get in on the early side. It isn’t clear whether these will be paid gigs (doesn’t seem likely), but either way it’s a fun opportunity to be immortalized in Metallica lore. And, who knows, maybe you’ll meet James and you can convince him to give you a hearty “whoa-oh-oh” for your Instagram story.

Or you could just let go and be as stoked as this guy:

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