Red Sun Rising’s New Video for “Amnesia” Mocks ’90s Infomercials, Rocks Too


Red Sun Rising play the kind of hard rock I can get behind: instead of using the same tired Breaking Benjasuck tropes of the past 15 years, the Akron, OH-based outfit takes it back one step further to the prosperous and happy days of one William Jefferson Clinton. Will those days return?? It certainly seems possible… but I digress.

Appropriately, then, the band’s new music video for “Amnesia” also references a time when bands like Foo Fighters and Weezer were all the rage. Much like many of the videos those bands made, this one’s very tongue-in-cheek, following the trials and tribulations of a disastrously-fated infomercial. There are some other well-timed retro references throw in for good measure, too, from the ’90s and beyond. So have a few laughs with the clip and rock the jam too; it’s super catchy.

Red Sun Rising’s latest album Polyester Zeal is out now; get it here.

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