Varg Vikernes: “The Norwegian Black Metal Scene from 1991 to 1993 was Putrid Shit to the Core”


Looks like ol’ Varg has realized the drawing power of talking about his past. Including the video he recently posted in which he calls Euronymous a pussy, a poseur, envious of Vikernes, and a horrible businessperson, he’s been spending a whole lot more time on his YouTube channel lately talking about black metal-related topics than, say, doomsday prepping, pagans or RPG gaming, all frequent topics in the past.

In another recent video, Varg, ever the classy gentleman, has more nice things to say about the man he stabbed in the back 16 times: that Euronymous, in his ongoing efforts to “push the bar” of extremity, “misled,” “manipulated” and purposefully attempted to “sabotage” the careers of other black metal bands (Emperor, Enslaved, Darkthrone) so that Mayhem could be the most successful. Then Varg — again, all class! — positions himself as above it all, and in a miraculous, truth-avoiding pivot at the end of the video that even Donald Trump would envy, he manages to sneak in a plug for his own blatantly racist and misogynistic role-playing game. Amazing! Someone get this guy in public office ASAP.

Watch below.


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