Sacred Leather’s “Prowling Sinner” is Everything That Band Name and Song Title Suggest


I cannot in good conscience tell you that Sacred Leather, which features Skeletonwitch drummer Dustin Boltjes, is progressive and forward-thinking. I cannot tell you that their song “Prowling Sinner” will make you question what heavy music can be, and I cannot describe the video for this song as a mind-blowing piece of cinema.

That said, fuck yeah Sacred Leather! Man, I love me some wailing vocals and wheedle-wheedle guitar solos and undead bikers taking revenge on still-alive bikers! Leather and chains and fake smoke and riffs that sound better while drunk are the stuff that dreams are made of, and this band brings ’em all in spades. Leave all that high-concept bullcrap for the nerds and douchebags — daddy came here to rage, and that’s exactly what this band is all about!

Ahem, anyway. Watch Sacred Leather’s video for “Prowling Sinner” below. The band’s self-titled cassette comes out in December. Pre-order it here.

[via The PRP]

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