Test Testament’s “Stronghold”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Testament - Brotherhood of the SnakeLiving in New York, I do not often need to drive. But when I do, I listen to a special mix on my phone entitled “Road Rage.” I do this because I have horrible road rage. Driving in the city will do that to you.

“Road Rage” is a constantly-changing mix, with songs being added and subtracted all the time. But the general vibe of the music is, as you can probably guess, fast and angry.

Testament’s new song, “Stronghold,” is SO going on my “Road Rage” mix. In fact, my only complaint about the song is that it didn’t come out over the summer, when I could have enjoyed it as I drove down the highway at a truly irresponsible speed with all the windows rolled down (the poor man’s makeshift convertible). I mean, that moment at 1:36 where the music drops out and Chuck Billy yells something about a stronghold was clearly meant to signal “PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN ON THE GAS HARD.” I can think of worse ways to go than James Deaning right in the middle of that scorchin’ Skolnick solo. It’ll only hurt for a second.

Assuming you’re not reading this while driving like an asshole, listen to “Stronghold” via the below fancy-schmancy 360º video thing. The song will appear on Testament’s new album, Brotherhood of the Snake, which comes out October 28 on Nuclear Blast. Pre-order it here (physical) orhere (digital).

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