Listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s New Song “The Stage” Right Now!


Yesterday we learned via what appeared to be an accidentally released Tweet by wrestler Chris Jericho that Avenged Sevenfold would be releasing their new album, called Voltaic Oceans, on December 9th.

Now it’s safe to conclude that either that Tweet and it’s immediate deletion was totally intentional or A7X decided to roll with the punches, because today the band’s released a new song called “The Stage.” Judging by the state of its accompanying video — finished, clearly ready to go in time for yesterday’s fracas — I’m gonna say the whole Jericho thing was a set up. Would make sense to have a wrestler do something so… “staged,” right?

ANYWAY: here’s the song! On first listen it definitely feels more City of Evil / self-titled A7X than the Black Album / Use Your Illusion covers they released last time around, so that’s a good thing. It’s an 8-minute long epic with plenty of fantastic guitar work by Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. If you like A7x, you’re probably gonna love it, but if you can’t stand ’em I can’t imagine the track will change your mind. Those who have read MetalSucks for years know exactly where we stand on the issue!

There will reportedly be a live event on October 27th in which Avenged Sevenfold will reveal… something. Seems hard to believe they’ll wait two more full weeks before officially announcing the new album, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be a tour announcement.

So: wat u think?

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