And Now You Can Buy Hip-Hop and R&B Metal Logo Vest Patches


A couple of days ago, we posted about how Beyoncé has started parodying Slayer with her new ‘Slayoncé’ pins. A couple of people have come to her defense claiming she’s referencing her own song “Formation,” but, as one of our commenters succinctly put it, that font is pretty obviously ripped off.

This isn’t the first time this has been done, but usually this is done by satirists having a good time mashing up pop stars with metal imagery. Lately, though, it’s become big for somewhat-active and relevant pop stars to actively use metal logos and imagery to help add some kind of, I don’t know, underground edge or ironic flair to their music. I dunno, guess the fans are tired of diamonds and flashing lights?

Welp, now, if the Slayoncé pins weren’t enough, a Bigcartel store called Jirat has started making a whole slew of parody patches featuring hip-hop and R&B band names done as metal logos (they also sell patches that say ‘Only Goth Forgives’, proving that they, uh, read Vice? I guess?).

While it’s the height of ironic hipster bullshit, I’m also impressed as to how deep this guy went in terms of finding band logos. Usually, the answer is always ‘Rip off Slayer,’ but this guy goes as far as to rip off Behemoth:




Sunn 0))):


And even Gamma Ray:


Again, I’m not exactly a fan of these patches — they ain’t for me — but I’m slightly impressed with the different kinds of bands featured (then again, the creator might have just Googled ‘metal bands start with G’). So if this nonsense gets one rap or R&B fan to listen to Endless Pain or Zos Kia Kia Cultus, then I suppose it’s a success.

The patches are only $6 a pop, so if you feel like getting a chuckle out of your non-metal friends, go ahead and make a statement. For real metalheads, there’s Metal Devastation.

[via The PRP]

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