Listen to Destrage’s “Stare”

  • Axl Rosenberg

JEEZY CREEZY! It’s been such a busy couple of months that I completely forgot there’s a new Destrage albumA Means to No End, coming out this week!

Luckily, the band has released a new single and video as a friendly reminder: “Don’t Stare at the Edge.” Which is an appropriate title — the song totally has the vibe of walking across something across a perilously narrow platform teetering unsteadily above a bottomless canyon. The video, meanwhile, is a surrealist nightmare, which is also appropriate.

But hot damn, this song. Soooooo good. Everyone should be on the edge (no pun intended) of their seats for this Friday.

Check out “Don’t Stare at the Edge” below. There’s still time to pre-order A Means to No End from Metal Blade before its release this week! The band goes on a tour of Europe with Protest the Hero, The Faceless, and The Contortionist starting in mid-November. Get dates here.

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