Wovenwar’s Jordan Mancino on Former As I Lay Dying Bandmate Tim Lambesis: “There’s No Ill Will at This Point”


The MetalSucks Podcast with Chuck and Godless / JabberjawToday, Metal Blade releases Honor is Dead, the sophomore album from Wovenwar (get it here). We love these dudes — we sincerely believe that Wovenwar are ten times the band As I Lay Dying were. So, as you can imagine, we jumped at the chance to talk to drummer Jordan Mancino on the latest episode of The MetalSucks Podcast. Here are some highlights from that chat…

On whether or not he has spoken recently with his infamous former As I Lay Dying bandmate, Tim Lambesis:

“No. I haven’t. I’ve been quite busy with the new band… [but] there’s no ill will at this point… It’s definitely something you have to deal with… [but] that’s not to say we’ll never talk again. Like I said, I have no ill will towards him. I hope he’s doing better… you read those news stories like the one that just came out [about Lambesis filing a lawsuit regarding his growth of man boobs] and you’re like, well… It’s hard to know where a person’s at at that point…. I hope that eventually we can communicate again, but things didn’t necessarily end on a high note.”

On allegedly sharing ownership of As I Lay Dying with Tim:

“As I Lay Dying is still five members, despite what certain people would publicize. It’s just like any other corporation… like House of Blues is House of Blues, but it’s owned by live nation… there’s so many different ways to structure a band on the business end… every record is a different publishing LLC and it’s just for structure and all that fun stuff.”

On the impact Tim’s actions had on the band:

“We didn’t want to make anything more difficult for him or for the band itself… but despite our own feelings he still has to deal with it and we still got the swift kick to the nuts to the As I Lay Dying camp and all of our fans. There [were] a lot of tours that were happening… literally when I got the call from our manager… I think we had just flown home from Shanghai, and I was at the bank putting the deposit in for the merch order because we were about to go on tour with Killswitch [Engage]… [And] it’s not just us, there’s a very long list of effects trickling up, tricking down. It [affected] all the promoters, all the people that we work with, all the agents, the record label, all of our fans… so there was a very wide spread effect.”

On the possibility of an apology from Tim:

“At this point, I don’t even know what that would be like. Whether it’s personal or public, I really don’t know. Would it change things? I don’t know. It wouldn’t change what I’m doing now [with Wovenwar] at this point.”

On why Jordan and the other members of As I Lay Dying decided to start a new project instead of just finding a new frontman:

“We just felt like in order to preserve and pay respect to the legacy… the band and our fans, the connection, everything they experienced, what everything meant to them… that’s why we started a new band… we didn’t wanna take that [As I Lay Dying] name and start touring and milking the cash cow… we wanted to preserve that [legacy]… we wanted to do something different out of respect for everything that we built with our fans and the connection that we made with our fans.”

Fascinating stuff, right?

So what are you waiting for? Listen to our entire interview with Jordan here or below! And don’t forget that Wovenwar are on tour with Soilwork, Unearth, Battlecross, and Darkness Divided right now! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to every show on the tour!!! Get dates and enter for your chance to win here.

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