Listen to Dope’s “1999,” a New Song About the Last Time Dope Was Considered Cool

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dope have released a new song called “1999,” which is the year the band released their debut album, Felons and Revolutionaries. This is not a coincidence: the opening lyrics to the song are, “Once I bled for revolution/fueled by a life of crime.” I know what you’re thinking: “That’s silly, because Dope didn’t start a revolution, and only one of their members was a criminal, and that dude isn’t even in the band anymore.” But I think we should allow for the possibility that they mean the music on Felons and Revolutionaries was a crime. See, this song has layers, y’all! A lot of it is open to interpretation.

Think I’m kidding? Just check out this thought-provoking stanza from the track:

Well I said fuck it
Fuck it
And you said fuck it
Fuck it
We all said fuck it
Fuck it

See what I mean? Move over Bob Dylan, here comes Edsel Dope!

That’s not to say the song’s lyrics are 100% interpretative poetry. Some of them are pretty straightforward, like the chorus:

I shoulda motherfucking died back in 1999

Hey dude, you said it, not us.

Dope’s new album, Blood Money Part 1, comes out October 28. Blood Money Part 2 is expected to be released right around the same time as Limp Bizkit’s Gold Cobra 2.

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