Tool Fan Claims Adam Jones Told Him the Band is Only Happy with Five of Their New Songs

  • Axl Rosenberg

Take this with the tiniest, itsy-bitsiest, teensy-weensiest grain of salt, but The PRP says that some dude on Reddit says he was at a meet n’ greet with Adam Jones and learned the following about the new Tool album:

“Played a riff that’ll be on the new album. Said they had enough music for two albums but only 5 meet their (tools) standard right now. Adam, Justin and Danny are in the studio 1PM-4PMish I think he said Tuesday-Thursday. Once 90% of the instrumentals are there Maynard comes into write (that’s how Maynard likes to work).”

The dude apparently “provided a detailed schedule of the VIP event as well,” which I guess is supposed to prove that he was there.

The idea that the band isn’t yet happy with most of the album sounds plausible, because, y’know, the fucking thing still isn’t out yet. But I find it kinda hard to believe that Jones would just reveal this kind of information to 150 fans at a meet n’ greet, let alone would reveal this kind of information to 150 fans at a meet n’ greet and somehow only have ONE fan tell the world about it.

But, hey, maybe.

Tool’s new album is tentatively scheduled for release after the death of the sun.

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