Stream the New Scissorfight EP Chaos Country Right Now, You Bastards


I’ve probably told this story on this site before, but fuck it: on a trip Axl and I took to L.A. several years back the only CD we had in our hot compact rental car was a copy of Scissorfight’s Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare, bestowed upon us by Hydra Head Records’ Mark Thompson. Naturally, we left it on repeat for several days on end… listening over, and over, and over and over again. Didn’t even fuck with the radio because who needs that when you’ve got Scissorfight? And, being in LA, that’s a LOT of driving.

So imagine our delight when the band reunited for a tour this past summer and our surprise when we learned earlier this week that they’d be releasing a new EP this Friday! The band put out a video for the track “Tits Up” and now they’ve gone and posted the whole darned thing for Scissorfight fans — which, judging by the comments on the last post, is a lot of you — to listen to a day ahead of release.

And, no surprise: the riffs are tasty as fuck, meaty and dirty just the way we like ’em. Equally as important, new vocalist Doug Aubin does an admirable job of taking over for the much-beloved Ironlung with typically Scissorfight-ian lyrical themes.

Chaos Country comes out tomorrow via Salt of the Earth Records; order here.

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