We are Live Blogging the Avenged Sevenfold Live Stream Right Now


11:39 PM: Alright. So, they’re performing “The Stage.” Yay.

11:44 PM: The quality of my stream is iffy. Hopefully yours is better.

11:45 PM: Anyone watching this in VR? How is it?

11:47 PM: My first thought was they were gonna play their new album in its entirety, St. Anger-style. Guess not.

11:48 PM: For the record, this is “Planets,” from Hail to the King.

11:49 PM: Remember when this band used to play VFW halls with, like, God Forbid and bands like that? And now they’re atop the Capitol Building. Shit is cray.

11:51 PM: A giant artificial fart cloud rains over the band as they play “Acid Fart,” also from Hail to the King.

11:53 PM: I hope the band aren’t under the impression that Hail to the King is their best album.

11:54 PM: I know to some degree this song was inspired by “November Rain,” but I feel like the chorus is a direct lift from something. Anyone know what it is? Am I nuts?

11:55 PM: Seriously I think it’s a show tune.

11:56 PM: I just remembered Brooks Wackerman is in this band now.

11:57 PM: Wait is that it? That’s how they’re gonna end the performance?

11:58 PM: So the rumor is true. The album is out today. Or “now.” I don’t see it on iTunes yet. So “now” probably means “at midnight.”

11:59 PM: All these voices talking are hilarious.

12:00 AM: Just got the press release. Here’s the link to all the places you can buy the album. I’ll also put the Spotify embed below.

12:02 AM: Alright. I’m going to sleep. We can discuss this album tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to tip your waitress. G’night.

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