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There’s this strange thing I noticed where basically every metal dude, no matter how tr00 cvlt, loves Depeche Mode. But I guess that’s not the only 80s pop act to influence prominent members of the metal community — ’cause Chino Moreno sang the praises of Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon lyrical skills earlier this year in an interview with Kerrang!:

“To me he’s just the king of metaphorical writing where, on paper, it’s hard to make sense of anything he’s saying. Lyrics like ‘cherry ice cream smile’ I suppose means ‘very nice’. I love not understanding what he’s saying yet completely feeling what’s coming out for some reason or another. That’s sort of been a pattern that I follow when I write, just sort of letting the words come out and put them in order and make sense of it later. Usually they do end up reflecting something that I must have been feeling at the time. I love the ambiguity of that. He’s the king of that.”

Moreno’s love of Duran Duran may come as a surprise only if you were unaware that the Deftones have actually covered the British outfit in the past:

Moreno has now taken his love of Duran Duran a step further and made a playlist of some of his favorite Double-D songs. You can check it out below. My only objection is that “A View to a Kill” didn’t make the cut. I know it comes from one of the lesser James Bond movies, but c’mon, it still rules!

[via The PRP]

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