And the Identity of Ghost’s Mystery Cowbell-Playing Nameless Ghoul is…


Over the weekend Ghost posted two Instagram videos from their current tour, both shot in Texas, of a mystery Nameless Ghoul making brief guest appearances with the band on stage playing that most nefarious of instruments: the cowbell. We wondered aloud whether the mystery guest was a famous musician (Dave Grohl and Lzzy Hale have both donned Nameless Ghoul wardrobes in the past) or simply a member of Ghost’s road crew or friend of the band.

Two MetalSucks readers have now emailed us to say that the cowbell player extraordinaire is Niels Nielsen, a Swedish musician and friend of the band who is out on the road with Ghost right now. A quick look at Nielsen’s Instagram account all but confirms that our tipsters are correct. The evidence:

  • Photos posted on the same dates in which Ghost are playing various cities (he appears to have flown to LA and joined up with the band there)
  • The caption “Damn, San Antonio, what a night! What a crowd!#nielsnielsengoestohollywood” on the night he allegedly played cowbell in San Antonio
  • A selfie of him with a Ghost hat on
  • A plug for the tour’s opening act, Marissa Nadler

Nielsen stops short of saying “Hey guys! On tour with Ghost! Woooooooo!” but, together with our tipsters, I think it’s safe to say that two dots make a line: the mystery Nameless Ghoul in question is almost surely him.

Look out for Vince Neilstein to make a guest appearance with Ghost next weekend in New York City. Neilsen and Neilstein… it’s got a nice ring to it, just sayin’.

Here’s some of Nielsen’s music:

Thanks: Tara S., Sarah D.

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