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Nachtmystium Sign with Earache Records, Blake Judd Promises to Make Good with Fans He Scammed


I’ve seen it bandied about on other sites and in comments sections recently that MetalSucks gives Blake Judd a pass for the scams he perpetrated against fans over the past few years. That assertion is patently ridiculous.

We were the first site to report those scams when they were happening and we continued to do so throughout. Every time he claimed to have gotten clean, we hoped it was the truth and that he would deliver on his promises to make good to the fans he ripped off, but cautioned against being too optimistic. He also burned us directly. Wishing someone to get sober is a whole lot different than saying “What Blake did is OK.” It’s not OK. Neither is the absolutely tragic story of his ex-girlfriend. But he is a human being in the throes of a terrible addiction (a condition that will plague him through his entire life, regardless of whether he’s using at the time or not) and we do not wish death on him. We do not wish death upon anyone. What we wish is that Blake successfully gets clean and finds some way to repay the fans he ripped off.

Judd has allegedly been sober for some time now. He emailed MetalSucks directly in April to say he was six months sober that day, and had put on some healthy weight.

And now this: Earache Records has acquired the rights to Nachtmystium’s catalog (from Century Media), and a new collection of previously unreleased demos and rarities called Retox is on the way. The collection had previously been posted by Judd on YouTube back in April of this year.

Here’s what Judd offers on the partnership, and his plans to make good with the fans he scammed over the last several years:

Many people on the internet, understandably due to some issues that occurred in the past that I am very ashamed of, will be quick to jump on me personally and most likely Earache as well for announcing new releases without having directly addressed and taken action regarding the past issues mentioned above.

Of course, what is being referred to here, is the issue of unfulfilled orders. When these releases have been actually scheduled and given proper release dates, another press release will go out and within this will be an e-mail address created specifically for this project and detailed instructions on how to receive records/CDs from me directly if you, at any point in time, ordered a record, t-shirt, etc. and did not receive the item(s). More information concerning this will be in the press release announcing the official release dates for these recordings.

Thank you all for your patience and I do hope to make things right with everyone I can who fell victim to my addiction issues by not receiving orders for music or merchandise. I intend on giving away every single record and CD I receive of these reissues if that’s what it takes to make things right with the fans whom I wronged and did not fulfil orders for.

Will Blake make good on his promises? Here’s to hoping this story has a happy ending, but we’ll have to wait and see; I’m certainly not counting my chickens. Earache is taking a HUGE risk by working with Blake on these releases, of which they’re clearly aware. Let’s just hope everyone doesn’t get royally fucked here.

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