Enlarge His probability of being elected places in between Rick Perry and Kanye West, and just ahead of Ken Bone and Ric Flair.

Las Vegas Oddsmakers Give Dave Mustaine 200-to-1 Odds at Presidency in 2020 Over Trump


Only two-and-a-half years to go before before the 2020 presidential election campaign cycle kicks into full swing. I can’t believe I just typed that statement with the word “only” preceding it.

I’m not the only one: oddsmakers are already accepting bets on who the next president will be, and Jim Murphy at SportsBettingExperts.com has chosen one of our own (and I use that term loosely) to follow Donald Trump: Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine.

It’s hard to take this list seriously. While the first several entries seem plausible (Trump tops the list, with other highly visible national politicians close behin), the bottom third consists of celebrities with hugely inflated odds; the only place I’d expect to see Ric Flair and Ken Bone together would be inside the squared circle in a debate about energy policy. That, and the post announcing the odds is listed in the website’s Entertainment Props category, a sign it isn’t to be taken too seriously.

But there he is, sandwiched between Rick Perry and Kanye West, with odds of 30,000 to Trump’s 150, a ratio of 200:1: the guy who wrote Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? and once shilled for Democrats on MTV. Ignoring the fact that either Trump and a large succession of Republicans would need to die / be impeached for Mustaine’s candidacy as a Republican to even be plausible, I at least give the article’s author credit for paying attention: Mustaine is certainly politically inclined. In his own mind, anyway.

Here are the odds:

Donald Trump: +150
Mike Pence: +700
Tim Kaine: +1200
Cory Booker: +1750
Andrew Cuomo: +2000
Joe Biden: +2500
Hillary Clinton: +3000
Michelle Obama: +3500
Elizabeth Warren: +4000
Paul Ryan: +4500
Marco Rubio: +5000
Julian Castro: +5000
Amy Kloubchar: +5000
Field: +5250
Michael Bloomberg: +5500
Bernie Sanders: +6000
Evan McMullin: +6500
John Kasich: +6750
Ted Cruz: +7500
Nikki Haley: +9000
Tom Cotton: +10000
Ben Sasse: +10000
Jeb Bush: +12500
Scott Walker: +15000
Rob Portman: +17500
Sarah Palin: +20000
Chelsea Clinton: +25000
Rick Perry: +25000
Dave Mustaine: +30000
Kanye West: +35000
Ivanka Trump: +35000
Steven Colbert: +40000
Ric Flair: +45000
Ken Bone: +50000
James Comey: +55000
Vic Rattlehead: +70000
Caitlyn Jenner: +75000

Thanks: Dan G.

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