Shit That Comes Out Today: November 11, 2016


Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Guardians (Northern Silence)
On a playlist with: Bathory, Korn, Wintersun
Listen Guardians full stream (here)

A rare vibe here. Guardians is five 11-minute epics, the kind that build from awesome quiet parts to huge loud parts. And it’s traditional Scotland stuff with bagpipes, poetry, and that type of anthemic melody that’s shorthand for “heroism and loyalty.” About now, that might disgust you, the worship of dubious valor and of the grand old days before plumbing and medicine. But after a canyon-wide intro, things crash to earth via Saor’s vocals: they kinda belong to atmospheric black metal, inherently empathetic, not proud of anything. Crank it up!


Force Of Profanation (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Blood Incantation, Warbringer, Wormrot
Listen Force Of Profanation full stream (here)

When you think of thrash metal, maybe you first think of it in terms of its vibe at the time of South Of Heaven, Justice, and Practice What You Preach. That’s how you forget how close thrash was to extreme metal in the preceding years. It mellowed before death metal’s breakthrough, but first there came brutal records by Flotsam & Jetsam, Kreator, and Slayer — sans the blast beats and low growled vocals to come. Ravencult does both, the thrash metal skank beat and extreme metal double bass beats, blackened as a tire fire and goosed by ninth-fret power chords, no humanism or sense of humor yet less than monstrous.


trees-of-eternityTrees Of Eternity
Hour Of The Nightingale (Svart)
On a playlist with: Swallow The Sun, Katatonia, Jesu
Listen Hour Of The Nightingale full stream (here)

You might be reeling at the thought of nearly 60 million people voting for history’s shittiest candidate for the American presidency, at the sheer magnitude of sad, sheltered self-styled victims failing to register the signs of a used-car con obvious as a fart during asshole surgery — and the number of those who knew better yet still voted with their dicks. I mean, that’s a huge number. This week’s second-most surprising number is 90,000, ie. the number of views of a video by a band called Trees Of Eternity from an album titled Hour Of The Nightingale. That’s the spirit of acceptance! Metal is more American than America.


Darkness Transcend (Blood)
On a playlist with: Ulcerate, Beyond, Blut Aus Nord
Listen Darkness Transcend full stream (here)

It’s hilarious that weed is more legal now that no one could possibly relax. Likewise, extreme metal is now redundant to the horrors of reality. Metal people once required renderings of death, pain, and despair as a means of preparation, of comprehension, and of empowerment. Now we can achieve the same strength just by facing the material world, so sad is our regression and so lasting is the damage to be done. Life is a death metal song. But I wouldn’t blame you if you crammed some last-minute workouts for your emotions here before shit gets fully weird. Setentia can help.


First Step To Surpremacy EP (Ván)
On a playlist with: Conqueror, Sarcafago, Beherit
Listen First Step To Surpremacy full stream (here)

It’s like when you exclaim that an annoying song is stuck in your head, one snippet of a singsongy melody looping in your mental “ears” like a son of a bitch. Then you utter the song’s title, and everybody around you groans, like “Thanks a lot, now we too shall be singing that annoying shit all day.” That’s basically how you feel when pointing out that an awesome and very serious band’s name is almost a Seinfeld character.


Gaerea EP (Everlasting Spew)
On a playlist with: Watain, Forteresse, Immortal
Listen “Void Of Numbness” (here) “Through Time” (here)

From Gaerea facebook: “Gaerea has no home. Gaerea has no origins. Gaerea is a concept made flesh. The flesh nimbus assembles its molecules only when it’s required to do so, to disgregate and shatter right after.” “Time. Immortality. Endless Life. Endless death. ‘[…] something at once dead and never dying, a thing utterly without destiny and thus imperishable, possessing that abysmal absence of mind, that infinite vacuity which is the essence of all that is immortal.’” You promise?



chhinnamastaAdaestuo Tacent Semitae EP (W.T.C.) listen
Aggression Fragmented Spirit Devils (Xtreem) listen listen listen
Akasava Nothing At Dawn (Triton’s Orbit) listen
Animals As Leaders The Madness Of Many (Sumerian) listen review
Annisokay Devil May Care (Long Branch) listen listen
Arkona Vozrozhdenie (Napalm) listen
Asteroid III (Fuzzorama) listen
face-of-oblivionBad Bones Demolition Derby (Sliptrick) listen
Bastard Noise and Sickness Death’s Door (Relapse) listen
Behold The Arctopus Cognitive Emancipation EP digital listen
Black Sabbath
Paranoid – Super Deluxe Edition (Rhino) listen
Chhinnamasta Vajra-Sarpa EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Cognition Procession Of Thoughts listen
Darkyra Dragon Tears reissue (Metal Renaissance/Solitude) listen
Downfall Of Gaia Atrophy (Metal Blade) listen
old-chapelDumb Hole Bravest Of The Galaxy (Schaf) listen
Enslaved The Sleeping Gods – Thorn collection (ByNorse) listen
Face Of Oblivion Cataclysmic Devastation (Comatose) listen
The Freeks Shattered (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
Gateway To Self-Destruction Death, My Salvation (Northern Silence) listen
Hemina Venus listen
raspailIn Flames Battles (Eleven Seven) listen listen
Into The Storm Where The Merfalo Roam (Alive And Breathing) listen
Ken Mode Serve EP (Reptilian) listen
Kyros Vox Humana listen
Lucid Fly Building Castles In Air (Hour Eleven) listen
The Neal Morse Band The Similitude Of A Dream 2CD (Radiant) listen
Nephrolith Paleness Of The Bled World (Cursed) listen
vinum-sabbatumOld Chapel Visions From Beyond (Chaos) listen
Pohjoisen Soturit Oksat Pois … Ja Osa Latvuksista (Inverse) listen
Raspail Dirge (Sick Man Getting Sick) listen
Rik Emmett & Resolution Res 9 (Provogue/Mascot) listen
Ruinous Graves Of Ceaseless Death (Dark Descent) listen
Seasons After Manifesto listen
Shark Infested Daughters These Tides, Our Tombs listen
six-scoreSirenia Dim Days Of Dolor (Napalm) listen
Six-Score Lebensräume (Wooaaargh) listen
Superjoint Caught Up In The Gears Of Application (Housecore) listen
Spiritus Mortis The Year Is One (Svart) listen listen
Underling Bloodworship (2015) (Neuropa) listen listen
Various Artists The Extermination Vol. III (Flatspot) listen
Vinum Sabbatum Apprehensions (Northern Silence) listen
xothVoodoo Terror Tribe The Sun Shining Cold listen
Wakrat Wakrat (Earache) listen
Xoth Invasion Of The Tentacle listen
Ysengrin / Sartegos Resvrrezionespiritval split (I, Voidhanger) listen

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