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Guns N’ Roses Earned HOW MUCH on Their 2016 Summer Tour???


In September we reported some absolutely mind-blowing ticket sales figures for Guns N’ Roses’ summer reunion tour.

Now the final numbers are in, and Guns N’ Roses topped ALL global gross sales figures in 2016 with an average of $5,498,347 at each show with an average ticket price of $117.34.

THAT IS FUCKING INSANE. No wonder Axl and Slash waited so long to do this! The demand only grew and grew and grew. And, I have to say — the show was fucking fantastic. It was worth it.

Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Adele and Coldplay rounded out the top five for the year.

Note: $5.5 million is the GROSS ticket sales average. The band doesn’t see close to all of that. The promoter takes a cut, as does the band’s management and booking agent. Already we’re down to roughly 50% of gross. And then the band has to pay their massive crew — 125 touring, and 125 locals at each stop — plus the transport of 36 trucks (!!!) from city to city, and the expenses of all the gear within. That ain’t cheap. BUT, then factor all their merch sales on top of what’s left, which helps make up for some of the costs.

In any case: GN’R earned a fuckton of money on this tour, and will continue to do so throughout 2017.

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