Brooklyn Sludge Group Spotlights Cover Mew’s “She Spider”


Spotlights classify themselves as “sludgegaze,” and if you’ve heard anything from their debut album, Tidals — which came out back in May — then you’re probably apt to agree. The release was nothing short of killer, and if you haven’t taken the time to give it a listen I strongly suggest doing so. After all, it did grab the attention of the Deftones, and got the band a spot in their recent tour for Gore.

Now let’s look at Mew. Alternative, indie, progressive? How the hell do you even begin to classify that band? Who knows, I certainly don’t, but they’re definitely one of the most prolific bands of the early 2000s. Their song “She Spider”, from their 2003 album Frengers, is one of their most straight-forward tunes, but what’s surprising is how well it lends itself to Spotlights’ signature brand of sludge. Turn up the bass, crank the distortion, and slow the pace down a tad and you have the makings for one ridiculously heavy cover.

As always you can check it out below. I’ve included the original Mew version as well just in case you want to compare for yourself.

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