Destroy the Runner Return to Verb More Nouns

  • Axl Rosenberg

So I was perusing my RSS feed this morning when I saw this headline on Lambgoat

“Destroy the Runner premiere new song, set to release EP”

…and I was like, “Wait, Destroy the Runner are still around?” And then I read the actual post…

“Reactivated Southern California metalcore/rock band Destroy The Runner will release a new EP titled Void on December 9. The record will be the group’s first since 2008.”

…and then I was like, “Wait, Destroy the Run split up for awhile?”

And then I realized I’m not sure who Destroy the Runner were, and I felt kinda bad. I think I thought they were Haste the Day. I may have also mistaken them for Capture the Crown and/or Minus the Bear. In my defense, I knew they weren’t Protest the Hero or Slice the Cake, and I certainly knew they weren’t Run the Jewels.

Then I listened to DtR’s new song, “End Transmission,” and I was like, “OH, no wonder I can’t keep these bands straight.” This is such a boilerplate 2004 metalcore song that I’d be shocked if the members of Destroy the Runner themselves could pick it out of a line-up.

Anyway, welcome back Destroy the Runner! We, like, totally missed you n’ stuff!

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