Maynard James Keenan Says It’s His Bandmates’ Fault That Tool Aren’t “More Prolific”

  • Axl Rosenberg

I think one of the metal community’s collective New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 is going to be to stop waiting for a new Tool album. If it ever comes out, great. If not, well, they had an extraordinary run and we’ll treasure the memories like we were Barbara Streisand and Tool were Robert Redford.

Of course, it’s not 2017 yet! So we can keep on pestering the band for another month or so.

Which is exactly what Yahoo did in a new interview with Maynard James Keenan. Asked why “you feel the need to explore other artistic avenues” when Tool are so successful — which is really a polite way of asking “Why are you dicking around with other shit and not making new Tool music?!?” — the vocalist replied:

“If Tool was more prolific, if they were a little steadier, if we could get things done a little faster I would probably be happy. But things take a long time, they’re tedious. The other guys are very meticulous and I get bored. So I have to go do things in between. The perception, of course, if that they’re waiting on me. No, that’s not the case.”

Which is really a polite way of responding, “Stop asking me, assholes, it’s not my fault the fucking thing isn’t finished yet.” Hey, fair enough — there’s nothing for ‘Nard to sing over if there’s no music, and there’s no point trying to write lyrics and vocal melodies if the songs aren’t finalized, I s’pose.

So there you have it: there’s no new Tool album yet because Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor have super duper high standards. What a bunch of dicks. It’s almost like they’re under a fuckton of pressure to live up to the unrealistic expectations of a cult-like following. Jerks.

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