Randy Blythe Offers Not-So-Brief Recap of His Trip to the Standing Rock Protests

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier this week, Lamb of God vocalist and all-around righteous dude Randy Blythe offered a brief recap of his trip last week to the Standing Rock protests. At that time, Blythe promised a lengthier version of the account was in the works, having been commissioned by “a large media outlet.”

That large media outlet, it turns out, is Rolling Stone, and they’ve now printed Blythe’s entire piece. Here’s a sample:

“As I headed toward the throng of people at Turtle Island, I heard singing, drumming, and chanting getting louder and louder. I walked into the crowd of several hundred people gathered on the muddy river bank and saw two young men getting out of a canoe at the bottom of a steep hill on the opposite shore, perhaps 30 feet away. More people were loading into canoes, and over the next 15 minutes the group across from us grew from two to 50 people. The ridge line at the top of the hill became crowded with heavily armed police officers and men in tactical gear staring down at us. I saw rifles, grenade launchers, safety-orange shotguns, large pepper-spray canisters resembling fire extinguishers and a few water hoses that were rolled out. Hooded men with binoculars and video cameras walked the hilltop, filming and scanning our faces constantly.”

Sheesh. And I thought Thanksgiving with my crazy family was rough.

Read the whole thing here.

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