King 810’s David Gunn Comments on Chicago Cancellation

  • Axl Rosenberg

As promised, King 810 vocalist David Gunn has released a statement regarding the band’s forced cancellation of an upcoming Chicago show, which came about as the result of neighborhood complaints regarding “excessive use of guns and violent imagery.”

In the video statement, Gunn asserts that “the gun thing is part of the culture where we’re from, it’s inherently part of the band, it’s not something we apologize for or regret or anything like that.” He also notes that the band has played “hundreds of shows” without any gun-related incidents. “Excessive use of guns, to me, is something like what happen with Dimebag, or… what happened in Paris.” Which is a reasonable stance.

Maybe less reasonable: Gunn’s assertion that”if anyone ever comes through the front door with automatic rifles, they’re gonna be able to kill 150 people at a King show, they’ll probably be shot from the stage.” That strikes me as being the kind of logic that’s akin to saying if teachers were armed, there’d be no more school shootings.

Also… are these dudes really performing with loaded weapons on stage? WHY? What purpose could that serve???

Anyway, here’s the video. Discuss in the comments section.

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