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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Calls Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine “Really, Really Sad;” Mustaine Responds


Well, folks, here we go. I have something nice to say about Dave Mustaine. Every dog has its day.

I mean, you gotta wonder what Kirk Hammett thought the response was gonna be when he gave this quote to the Word of Wheeler podcast (via The PRP):

“Well, you know, the whole thing with Dave is I’ve never, ever, ever had a problem with Dave. I’ve always seen Dave as someone who was just really, really sad, really angry, really frustrated about his situation with Metallica, and he never could let that go. And, you know, I’ve always shown a lot of empathy for him, understanding that he was just pissed off.

“It’s the equivalent of the woman of your life leaving you. I mean, really. When your band kicks you out… I’ve never been kicked out, but I can imagine it’s a horrible experience, especially if it’s a band that you feel really passionately about. So I can understand Dave’s plight over all these years.

“But I will also say that when we did these 30th-anniversary shows at the Fillmore [in San Francisco], and we invited Dave to play on all those ‘Kill ‘Em All’ songs, man, it felt so good to have him playing on stage.

“It felt perfectly fine for me to, while Dave was playing the guitar solos, for me to go over to James [Hetfield, Metallica frontman] and play the rhythm parts with James, and it wasn’t a big deal at all. And I could see from the look on Dave‘s face and just from his whole attitude that it was super-cathartic for him.

“And I could see how it was helping him. And so I just took it all in stride. And it’s interesting, because since then, I think, Dave‘s relationship with us is a little bit better now. I’d like to think that that whole thing just kind of healed some scars that needed to be healed.”

That is a word-for-word translation, by the way. You can listen to the exact quote below, around the 25 minute mark:

Hammett’s tone is kind, but his words, eh, not so much. In his defense, it’s not hard to understand why he’d think Mustaine was “sad” and “angry.”

So how did Mustaine respond? Rock Feed reports that he tweeted the below…

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Calls Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine “Really, Really Sad;” Mustaine Responds

…before yanking it down and replacing it with this:

So what changed in the time between the first and second tweet? Mustaine helpfully explained to one fan —

Okay, here comes the part where I say something nice about Mustaine. Ready?

He didn’t do anything wrong and this is all understandable!

Here’s Google’s translation of the Spanish-language tweet to which he initially responded:

“@DaveMustaine Can not let go of his sadness, anger and frustration for being expelled from @Metallica”

It seems that Mustaine’s biggest crimes here are:

  1. Knowing that “no puede dejar” is Spanish for “can not let go,” but somehow not knowing any other Spanish used in the tweet.
  2. Impulsively out an irritated tweet when, by his own admission, he didn’t know what Kirk said.

The first one is weird, but then, Dave Mustaine is kinda weird, most metal people are kind weird, no biggie. The second one was dumb but I mean c’mon, we’ve all done that kinda thing, right? And what he said wasn’t even that bad. “Sadly mistaken.” OUCH! BURN!

Honestly, I think Mustaine handled this about as well as anyone could have.

Plus, he has no ensured that, effective as of right now, we will all refer to Kirk Hammett as “Kirt Hammett.” And that alone has to be worth a few brownie points, right?

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