Angry Keyboard Player Quits Swallow the Sun


Angry Keyboard Player is the stuff of legends. Watching Swallow the Sun’s ivory-tapper was the most fun part of seeing the band live, even after he cut his hair. Turns out he’s actually a very nice fellow — my dream of meeting AKP and sharing libations one day came true! — but it seems his time with the band has come to an end.

AKP posted the following on his Facebook page last night [via Metal Insider], as the band’s North American tour with Dark Tranquillity winds down:

Tomorrow’s show in Houston, TX will be my last show with Swallow the Sun and mark my departure from the band.

I came to this decision during late summer 2016, when I had a burn out which I’m still struggling with. For the past 6 years I’ve been touring and working so much that it’s a small miracle this didn’t happen earlier. Not wanting to leave the guys hanging, and looking for some kind of closure for myself, I decided to force myself to do the shows for this year – even though I barely could find the energy for 1 show, let alone 40 – and then step down.

In addition to burning out, I also sort of had enough, which I believe is as valid a reason as any. I’ve always had things I’ve had a passion for, but never could find the time or the energy to follow up on: photography, graphic design, my own music, among others. I will first take some time off, and then pursue these things I’ve pushed aside for all these years.

Then there is my beautiful soon-to-be wife Olenka, whom I have barely seen for the last year or two. With Aleah’s tragic and untimely passing I became painfully aware of the fact that nothing lasts forever, and I want to cherish the days we have while we’re both healthy and well. I’m afraid I have already damaged my own health, and I don’t want to end up there again.

These have been the best years of my life – hell, it’s been most of my adult life – and I will miss everyone I’ve gotten to know and love during our career and travels. Juha – you are an absolute genius and no one should have had to endure the things you had to. Over the years you, Mikko, Matti, Markus, Juuso, Kai, Pasi, our manager Juha, and our longtime crew members Mikko, Jarno and Toni have become my family in every sense of the word. I feel only the deepest respect and love towards you all, and I am incredibly proud of everything we accomplished together. I want to wish you all the best, but that would be kind of pointless: we have always been the best, and I know you will remain so.

While this is very, very sad news for all fans of AKP and Swallow the Sun, we obviously wish “Aleksi” the best in his future endeavors. Can’t fault a guy for not wanting to spend his life trapped inside a 15-passenger fart box, eating pizza every night and drinking himself into oblivion until he wakes up hungover and starts the process again. Good luck, dude!! May our paths cross some day once again. Here’s how we’ll choose to remember you:


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