Here’s Necrophagist’s “Epitaph” Covered on the Clarinet


Necrophagist’s genre-changing, tech-death masterpiece Epitaph came out over 12 years ago, in which time waiting for the band’s ringleader Muhammed Suiçmez to get his shit together and put out a new album has become a running joke in metal circles. At least Tool give us vague non-updates every now and again, ya know? But, as of right now, there is no indication that anything whatsoever is happening in the Necrophagist camp.

So it’s videos like these that give us Necrophagist fans a lifeline. YouTuber Caleb Canatheviphth is known for his clarinet covers of metal songs — including this one of Meshuggah’s “New Millenium Cyanide Christ” — and now he’s back with a two-part rendition of the title track from Necrophagist’s last (but hopefully not final) album. Though the sound of a clarinet is a whole lot smoother and soothing than that of a distorted guitar, that lack grit serves to highlight just how insanely technical these parts are. Nice work, Caleb!

Thanks: Ty T.

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