Fallujah Vocalist Alex Hofmann’s Quintessential Winter Playlist


Global warming has held it off long enough, but winter is finally here. It’s bitterly cold out and it takes 10 minutes just to get bundled up, the sun sets at 4:30pm (blink and you might miss daylight!), good green vegetables are hard to come by, the storms are coming and driving anywhere is difficult and risky… basically, life fucking sucks.

Fallujah vocalist Alex Hofmann has made a playlist for MetalSucks to help us all get through the coming months without sinking into a deep morass of depression and/or eating box after box of cookies to cope. The list features 24 full hours of music ranging the gamut from Radiohead to Blut Aus Nord to Goatwhore to Depeche Mode; it’s all over the place stylistically, but we think you’ll find a commonality throughout every track included.

Enjoy, and try not to be too sad. On the bright side: December 21st is coming soon, and it’s all uphill from there.

See also: the “Non-Metal Bands that Metalheads Like” playlist Alex made for us back in 2014.

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