Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week

The Final Completely Unreadable Band Logo of 2016: Win a Grab Bag of Metal Goodies!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Congrats to read Oliver S.! He correctly identified last week’s logo as belonging to the band Brownfilled Human Waste (yum). For his troubles, Oliver wins a grab bag of assorted metal goodies direct from the MetalSucks Mansion Archives. Mazel tov, Oliver!

Don’t cry if you lost, though — I have another grab bag to give away this week! What’s in it, you ask? CDs? Books? Metal band bottle openers and other assorted knick-knacks? I’m not telling… but trust me, you’ll dig it!

To win, simply identify the name of the band whose logo appears below, then fill out the form beneath it with your guess and your name and address. From everyone who gets it right, we’ll randomly select one winner. MetalSucks is switching to a holiday schedule after this week, which means we’ll be doing less posting than normal, so this is gonna be the final CUBLOTW for the year. We’ll announce the winner when return to our regular schedule on Tuesday, January 3.

[Quick side note: as of April of 2017, we will have been doing this contest almost every week for ten years. We’ve featured more than four-hundred ridiculous band logos over that time. Which is just my way of admitting that I’m having a very time continuing to find logos we haven’t used before. So please, please, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me suggestions: axl AT metalsucks DOT net. Much appreciated!]

Here’s this week’s logo, which was very helpfully suggested by LMK. Thanks, LMK! To everyone else… may the force be with you.


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