Video: Metallica Perform “Enter Sandman” at a Supermarket Deli Counter


The current Metallica album cycle certainly hasn’t been short on entertaining videos involving the band members: there was this video of James Hetfield reacting to and making fun of celebrities wearing Metallica t-shirts (including Ryan Gosling, Kim Kardashian, Avril Lavigne and more), Papa Het taking a tour down memory lane with very old photos of the band, and the video for Jimmy Fallon in which the band plays “Enter Sandman” on little kids’ instruments. In short: the band (or at least James Hetfield) finally has a sense of humor about themselves, and it’s awesome.

The latest: Metallica joined comedian Billy Eichner inside the Hollywood-area supermarket Gelson’s to perform a karaoke version of “Sandman” for all to see. TMZ was on hand and captured some footage of the skit, which could be for an upcoming episode of Eichner’s show Billy on the Street. Props to the meat guy for totally seizing the moment and going for it! Mutton chops for all.

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