Video: Hearing-Impaired Two-Month Old Baby Lars Reacts to Metallica


You might guess that there’s a good chance any child named Lars was done so in tribute to a certain Metallica drummer. And in the case of the two-month old son of Katie Decker and her husband, you’d be correct. What’s more, Lars’s older brother is named Axl! His parents are metal lifers.

So here’s one last video from the Christmas season that’ll truly warm your heart from St. Louis news station KSDK. When taken to visit Santa Claus last month, Santa recognized the inspiration for Lars’s name and proceeded to sing him the lyrics to “Enter Sandman,” which Lars really seemed to like. What’s really remarkable, though, is that little Lars is hearing-impaired — he’s got aids on both ears — so seeing his face light up to Metallica lyrics is rewarding for Santa, Lars’s mom and you alike. You’re a real cold-hearted, evil baddy bad if this video doesn’t force a smile and a tear out of you.

Thanks: Metal Mark via Twitter

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