Shit That Comes Out Today: January 6, 2017

  • Anso DF

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Uprising cassette (Tridroid)
On a playlist with: Immortal, The Ruins Of Beverast, Triptykon
Listen Uprising full stream (here)

Yay, it’s a new year, so we’re all set to take down another full year of new heavy music. It spurts out each Friday, even the Fridays when no one has time to pay attention, so thank goodness that STCOT lives forever and loves visits. It’s got other uses too: You can jump back to some week in like 2011 and see what was going on in metal, or you can verify that those three awesome albums really did arrive on the same awesome day a few years ago, holy shit. You can make us feel great by checking which of our predictions came true, too!


spectral-apparitionSpectral Apparition
Manifestation EP (Invictus)
On a playlist with: Monarque, Marduk’s Wormwood, Paria
Listen Manifestation full stream (here)

Have you ever beheld the bootleg collection of a mega-fan of Grateful Dead? Its owner will tell you with no prompting that it consumes NASA-sized storage space and/or enough physical materials to rebuild Reno. As a sane person, you rule out any possibility that you’ll need such a quantity of any one thing. But years later in 2017, you have come to own that much unnerving black metal, whose songs aren’t much more distinct than the Dead’s actually. And to that mass you add Spectral Apparition’s new EP. It rips!!!


Covered In Flies And Afterbirth CD (2015) (CDN)
On a playlist with: Pathology, Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage
Listen Covered In Flies And Afterbirth full stream (here)

It’s not more “okay” that a rapey goregrind band is fronted by a woman, but it’s probably more interesting.


Reanimate 3: The Covers EP (Atlantic)
On a playlist with: Drill, Pop Evil, The Pretty Reckless
Listen “Still Of The Night” (here) “I Hate Myself For Loving You” (here)

Even if Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night” strikes you as an expression of singer David Coverdale’s pathetic horniness, you’ll be alarmed by how much it is missed in Halestorm’s version of the breathless mega-jam. Without it, Halestorm’s “Still” must rush through its phases and pivot on sorta nifty updates. It’s no where near enough. Plus, I feel like a phrase like “taste your love so sweet” is beneath the dignity of all but the lowest scum like Coverdale, co-author John Sykes, and of course me. Btw three covers EPs?


gone-is-goneGone Is Gone
Echolocation (Rise)
On a playlist with: Failure, Muse, Angela Martyr
Listen “Dublin” (here) “Sentient” (here)

Gone Is Gone is Troys Sanders and Van Leeuwen from Mastodon and Queens Of The Stone Age, respectively. The latter helped in Failure and A Perfect Circle, whose fans might be those best served here by Echolocation‘s spacey, arty epics. Forget the personnel, infer nothing from the record label, this is real.


Metal Still Means Danger (Unholy Prophecies)
On a playlist with: Korgull The Exterminator, Cobalt, Gravewurm
Listen Metal Still Means Danger full stream (here)

In the STCOT User’s Guide also is a chapter about release dates: Some of them fall on random days. Like Metal Still Means Danger, a scummy punky death metal gem by an awesomely named band, which arrived on January 1 then waited five days to get a capsule in today’s STCOT. My point is, subscribe to the mailing list for every record label you can think of; you might get to rage a few days early!



ql8ijxgBrain Spasm Toxic Monstrosities (CDN) listen
Chasing Safety Nomad (Outerloop) listen
Daemoniac Spawn Of The Fallen (Xtreem) listen
Endless Floods II (Dry Cough/Breathe Plastic) listen
Esperoza Aum Corrupted (Wormholedeath) listen
Exploding Head Syndrome World Crashes Down (Wormholedeath) listen
Shit That Comes Out Today: January 6, 2017Nightwish Vehicle Of Spirit DVD (Nuclear Blast) watch
Quintessenz To The Gallows (Evil Spell) listen
The Replicate A Selfish Dream listen
Slamophiliac Perihelion (CDN) listen
Static Tension Out Of Reach EP (Buried By Sky) listen
Warlord UK Maximum Carnage reissue (Transcending Obscurity) listen

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