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Check Out a Six Page Preview of Slayer’s Repentless Comic Book


The trilogy of music videos Slayer made to promote their album Repentless told a loose story: a Dude with an Eyepatch violently kills a bunch of bikers and is sent to prison (“You Against You”), where he starts a riot and decapitates a guy (“Repentless”), before being released and brought to a Nazi’s house, where he watches an African American woman he loves get her throat cut before he kills a bunch more people (“Pride in Prejudice”).

Like I said, the story was loose.

If you watched those videos and had questions about the narrative, such as “Who the hell is the Dude with the Eyepatch?”, “Why is killing all these people?”, and/or “What the crap to Nazis have to do with any of this?”, then you’re going to want to read Slayer: Repentless, the new, three-part comic book series from Dark Horse. We already knew that the comic was based on these music videos, but now Rolling Stone has debuted six full pages, and it’s clear that Slayer: Repentless is going to fill in a LOT of the trilogy’s narrative gaps. Basically, it seems like the story is kinda like American History X as a revenge thriller.

So this looks pretty cool. The only possible complaint I can foresee about this sample is that there appears to be a paucity of actual, y’know, Slayer. Based on some images we’ve seen before, we know the band is in the book, but we don’t know how much. Personally, I’m hoping they take center stage at some point, like KISS did in their old Marvel comics. Only with tons more violence.

Check out the six new sample pages below. Slayer: Repentless was written by Jon Schnepp, best known to the metal community for his work on Metalocalypse, and features art by Guiu Vilanova. The first issue will be available January 25.

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